Why We Make Kosher Wine

Howard As the descendants of Don Isaac Abarbanel, the last and greatest leader of Spanish Jewry prior to the expulsion of 1492 and one of the giants in Torah commentary, our family feels a keen responsibility to fastidiously ensure that all our wine products are maximally kosher. All of our products are supervised by the foremost rabbis in their respective wine making regions -- strictly Orthodox and Haredi Mashgichim who are uncompromising in their standards.

We care so much because our wines are made for sacramental use for the sabbath, holidays and life cycle events such as weddings, brises, etc. It is imperative that blessings made with our wines be accepted by HaKadosh Baruch Hu (G-d) -- so there are no shortcuts and absolutely no scrimping whatsoever.

Our goal at Abarbanel Wines is to produce, import and distribute the very finest kosher wines made. The reason -- Hiddur Mitzvah -- magnification and enhancement of the Mitzvah of saying kiddush with kosher wine. When one makes kiddush on the sabbath one is asking for G-d's blessings for themselves, their family, friends and loved ones and is also asking for G-d to bless their homes with peace, health and livelihood and to thank Him for all the good in one's life.

grapes Since wine is symbolic (along with challah and salt, for example) of the sacrifices offered in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem and our tables serve as altars, we are commanded to bring the very best to G-d as an offering. Would you ask your butcher to give you the most anorexic turkey or chicken? We all want to present our best for shabbat and the yom tovim and the wine you choose should be the very best available in its price level as a way to thank and respect Hashem.

As a company, we are only interested in kosher wines and the kosher marketplace. Since all our wines are produced in limited quantities and are all estate grown and estate bottled, the kosher consumer is our only priority and serving that customer is our only goal.

Kosher wine is a process, not an appellation. These are the world's oldest wine making laws stipulating production wholly by the rabbis and their assistants to ensure that the only thing in a bottle of kosher wine are the grapes themselves. There are no animal or food additives of any kind. No sugar or fruit juices added. Kosher wines are not "blessed," rather, they are made kosher so that blessings can be offered on them. Special kosher yeasts and enzymes are used for fermentation and when called for, wines undergo heat flash pasteurization to make them "Mevushal." Click on one of the two icons on this page for more information about specific brands and about the history of kosher wines.